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5 Reasons why businesses are migrating to the cloud?


Cloud is one of the most sizzling topics in I.T. nowadays hence the reason why companies are migrating to it so quickly. But do you know why? This blog will describe why cloud is important for businesses.

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What is a could network?

Interestingly, this cloud is not what we see in the sky but is a structure that has routers, servers, cables, databases, storage devices, software and a lot more. Yes, this cloud is on earth and sometimes mentioned as datacentres. The datacentres have racks of servers which are connected to the network and will provide the data with the aid of internet.

Cloud storage provides an infrastructure to store any data or application which can be accessed anywhere at any given time with the help of internet. For instance, you can access your Gmail account from anywhere and won’t require space to download/save all the emails on to your device.

5 Reasons To Migrate On Cloud


To secure sensitive information from potential threats, Cloud providers follow a set of policies, security methods (ex: two-factor authentication), and technologies (ex: User-behaviour analytics). Cloud providers have security specialists which a local business may not manage to employ. Therefore, it is much safer to migrate to Cloud.

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If your business is encountering issues with storage due to high fluctuation in data, then cloud is the solution for you. Cloud helps you increase and decrease storage based on your requirements.

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Cloud storage will save you tons of money from purchasing expensive devices and licenses, all you pay is for the size of data that is stored on the cloud. Not just that, some cloud providers allocate free data storage for the user such as Google Drive, which provides 15 GB of data just for signing up.

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Cloud providers take regular backup of data and support disaster recovery. The data will be replicated on to backup drives within the data-centre. In the event of a disaster, the corrupted drive gets switched to the backup drive automatically for a smooth experience. This is one of the main reasons why Cloud storage is reliable and a great backup solution.


You can access your data from anywhere around the globe at any time with an active internet connection. Many Cloud providers have what is called a Synchronisation (sync) feature that allows working on files offline, the sync app downloads data from the Cloud to the device for local use. Any changes made during the offline period will be modified on to the Cloud when the device goes online.

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