Telecom Service

A fast, efficient, and strong telecom service

Telcom Services

A telecom service refers to the data transfer conducted between certain parties on a telecommunication line. A telecom service utilizes a telecommunication system to ensure that data transfer takes place smoothly between everyone on the telecom line.

This involves taking care of many different parts of the system, such as the server, the connections, and the online access featured all across the telecom line. A good telecom service is a necessity for any business in order to communicate with employees, clients, and partners. However, it is on the expensive side of operations, which is where TechInnovate comes in. We ensure that you get the best Telecom service while saving a lot on it.

Our IT Service Desk helps you with all end-user related issues. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction for the support service.

Our Core Services

  • VoIP Service
  • 1300, 1800 numbers
  • IP-PBX, PBX Setup
  • Structural Cabling
Telecom Service

How we can help

As mentioned, we offer you a fast, efficient, and strong telecom service that helps reduce costs for you. We streamline each and every process, making sure that no losses or errors occur anywhere. Moreover, we also switch up and change the processes for you. We do this through strive and need for innovation.

Instead of utilizing traditional methods that prove to be quite costly, we have crafted innovative new methods of providing telecom services to businesses that require loss cost and end up saving money for our clients.

TechInnovate brings you VoIP service, a constant internet connection, and NBN and fiber connections in our telecom service. We also provide you with data cabling and structural cabling to ensure that each process has its fair share of support at an independent level. We help you with a business telephone number to help facilitate you in contact with both customers and anyone who may want to contact you. It is a complete telecom service that ensures you only the best communication at the best rates.

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IT Support Services

IT Service Desk

TechInnovate’s IT service desks are flexible and offer 24/7 support to all clients.

Cloud Services

TechInnovate brings you the most extensive and efficient cloud service available in the market.

Telecom Services

We offer you a fast, efficient, and strong telecom service that helps reduce costs.

Data Backup Recovery

TechInnovate provides you with the very best data backup and recovery options.

IT Project Management

Our staff helps you manage your IT projects with tailored projects plans that help you get everything done on time.

IT Procurement

We offer you a wide range of both hardware and software and help you with customized purchases.

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