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New Website for Business

new website

In this age of overdependence on technology and the internet, not having a personalized website for your business could be the biggest mistake a business owner could make. Having a strong online presence can impact the revenue generation of a business, however big or small.

How many times have you searched for a business on the internet and questioned the credibility and legitimacy of the business if you were unable to find information about the business online?

Most of us would not be bothered to go to the business store physically or pick up the phone and get to know more about the services and products offered by that business. Even if the customer is adamant on giving you business because they have heard good things about you and took the effort to call you or visit your store, there is always the possibility that you are closed or are unavailable to answer your phone.

This is where we can help you with creating your own website.

So that your business is always available, even when you are not.

Let us go ahead and look at a few facts and break a few myths regarding having a website for your business.


Myth: Having a website is a very expensive affair.

Absolutely not.

Agreed, there is a fee involved in the developing, maintaining and updating websites but these costs are worth it when one looks at the ROI (Return on Investment).

We provide a 50% discount on the first (X) months towards developing and maintaining the website for your business.


Fact: One stop solution to everything a customer might need to know.

By providing answers and clarifications to the common enquires and FAQs related to your business, your website can be the one stop solution to all customer queries and help them make an informed decision about availing the services or products of your business.

It can also provide testimonials from satisfied customers, pictures and details about your business, critical information such as the different kinds of services and products along with the pricing… the opportunities are endless.

  • FAQ
  • Pricing
  • ..etc


Myth: Websites are only needed for online businesses.

According to statistics, many small businesses run without a website. As mentioned earlier, customers are more likely to be attracted towards business that have a strong and qualitative presence online (read websites). People are always searching for what they want on the internet and if you are not online, the chances are that a competitor is and the consequent decision for the potential customer would be a no-brainer.


Fact: Digital Marketing strategies can be leveraged.

Without a website, there are not many digital marketing strategies that one can implement to increase the online presence of a business. A good website can be used in tandem with efficient digital marketing strategies in order to direct more traffic to the website and can be also used to target specific set of customers. With good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Google Ads, you could even get your business to show up right on top of Google Search results.

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