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IT Procurement

A wide range of both hardware and software.

IT Procurement

To have a good IT setup intact, you need to procure the correct tools. There are many devices that go into making an IT system. These include the PCs, the servers, the mainframe, and much more.

The devices you need to gather for a great IT system should not just be great in their own capacity, but also need to work well together with the rest of them. Only by combining them in a manner conducive to integration with your business will you be able to make the most of them. In IT procurement, finding the best parts for any system is the toughest ordeal. To make sure you get what you need, use TechInnovative.

Our IT Service Desk helps you with all end-user related issues. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction for the support service.

Our Core Services

  • Tailored hardware purchase
  • Refurbished devices also available for low budget projects.
  • System Integration
  • Software licensing
  • IT audit
IT Procurement

How we can help

We offer you a wide range of both hardware and software and help you with customized purchases. We get you whatever you need and desire due to our partnerships with major IT outlets. We obtain only the most genuine and top products at your behest and have them delivered to you where you require. Our IT procurement service is designed to make it easy for you to get what you need.

The products that we can obtain for you include laptops, network equipment, desktops, servers, and security appliances. Moreover, we help you with software licensing and storage of the equipment as well. We ensure that all of your devices are at the best possible performance. This is done through strategic IT audits and asset management services.

Our IT procurement service does not end at just finding you the equipment you need. We help you integrate it and also allow you to keep a constant check on how well it performs.

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IT Support Services

IT Service Desk

TechInnovate’s IT service desks are flexible and offer 24/7 support to all clients.

Cloud Services

TechInnovate brings you the most extensive and efficient cloud service available in the market.

Telecom Services

We offer you a fast, efficient, and strong telecom service that helps reduce costs.

Data Backup Recovery

TechInnovate provides you with the very best data backup and recovery options.

IT Project Management

Our staff helps you manage your IT projects with tailored projects plans that help you get everything done on time.

IT Procurement

We offer you a wide range of both hardware and software and help you with customized purchases.

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