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Every business needs to have a website. A website is what ensures an outlet for them to interact with their customers in any way required or necessary. A website obviously begins with its development, with the developmental phase involving building the website and designing it. After the website has been built, it needs to go online. For that, a domain is required.

A domain is a website that you can take over after paying for it. Numerous domains populate the World Wide Web and can be purchased or rented by anyone willing one. Once the domain has been bought and registered, the website is hosted onto it.

Hosting a website requires an uplink server that keeps it online and keeps the IP of the website intact. Surely sounds like a difficult concept right? Well to ease it for you, TechInnovate offers its services.


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TechInnovate understands that goes into developing a website and consequently hosting it. We are aware of every single rule and regulation and have knowledge of all the technologies and requirements that are needed for the task. With our experience and our innovative methods of working, we bring you numerous different possibilities when it comes to website hosting, each ensuring maximum service in its respective capacity.
One of our key services is the new business website setup, where we help a business build and/or setup their website on the internet. This involves both hosting and domain registration, which we do at the minimum possible cost while offering maximum quality and satisfaction. Moreover, with our understanding of the internet, we bring you all kinds of services that ensure that your website comes online and succeeds in any way possible. This involves domain sharing, domain transferring, and any other method that can be explored and utilized.

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Frequently asked questions

Web hosting is the service that provides businesses and individuals with the technology and services needed to host a website on the internet.

A domain is a unique, human-readable web address that identifies a website on the internet.

The main types of web hosting include shared hosting, dedicated hosting, VPS hosting, and cloud hosting.

Shared hosting is a type of web hosting where multiple websites are hosted on the same server, sharing the server’s resources. It is the most economical option for small websites with limited traffic.

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