SharePoint allows us to share and manage content, knowledge, and applications to empower teamwork, quickly find information, and seamlessly collaborate across the organisation.

About Sharepoint


Share files, data, news, and resources with teams. Collaborate effortlessly and securely with team members inside and outside your organisation, across different devices.


Build cohesion and inform your employees throughout your intranet. Increase efficiency by sharing common resources and applications on home sites and portals. 


Discover information, expertise, and insights with powerful search and intelligent ways, helpful to make decisions and guide action.


Improve productivity by transforming processes—from simple tasks like notifications and approvals to complex operational workflows.


We can help to setup the SharePoint for your business based on your requirements. 

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Frequently asked questions

Microsoft SharePoint is a web-based collaboration and document management platform developed by Microsoft. It provides a central location for storing, organizing, and sharing information and content, and enables teams to work together more effectively.

  1. Document Management: SharePoint provides a centralized location for storing, organizing, and sharing documents, making it easier for teams to access and collaborate on documents.

  2. Intranet and Extranet Sites: SharePoint provides a platform for building and managing intranet and extranet sites, which can be used to share information, collaborate, and work together on projects.

  3. Workflows: SharePoint provides workflow capabilities, allowing users to automate business processes, such as approvals and document reviews, and streamline workflows.

  4. Search and Discovery: SharePoint provides a powerful search engine that makes it easy to find information and content stored within the platform.

  5. Customization: SharePoint provides a range of customization options, including custom templates, themes, and web parts, enabling organizations to tailor the platform to meet their specific needs.

  6. Integration with Other Microsoft Products: SharePoint is integrated with other Microsoft products, such as Office 365 and Microsoft Teams, making it easy for users to access and use these tools within SharePoint.

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