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NAS 3 – Datto

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Datto NAS is a smart, scalable network attached storage platform, centrally managed and protected by the secure Datto cloud. Easily share files and folders on the local network and replicate NAS snapshots to the Datto Cloud without any additional infrastructure investment. Store more locally, secure it, and back it up to the cloud forever with block level deduplication and Infinite Cloud Retention. Datto NAS 3 scales from 500GB – 120TB.

Datto NAS features Inverse Chain Technology, which ensures fast, flexible restores and efficient cloud storage for each backup. Built to Datto’s exacting standards, devices are easy to install now and expand later. Datto NAS provides local primary storage for easy file sharing, and cloud-based snapshots can be used to restore lost devices. This means that, if there is a loss of data, a backup copy is available for days, months or years. Whether you’ve lost a file or an entire volume, Datto NAS gets your business files back, fast

Ransomware Protection

Ransomware is not just a problem for endpoint systems; it will also affect all data stored on a network. This is why NAS 3 with NAS Guard can now mount other network storage devices and automatically schedule and copy data to NAS 3. Once under the NAS Guard umbrella, this data is then protected just like any other data, uploaded to the secure Datto Cloud, and available for restore at any time. Protect your existing network storage solutions from ransomware attacks with NAS Guard.

All in One Protection

Once all of your data is stored on a single device, there is now a single point of failure. While losing a drive is recoverable, losing many drives, the device, or the building is not easily recoverable. Datto provides a single, fully integrated cloud protection layer in every device to protect from even the worst disasters. Simply configure the device snapshot schedule, run the first snapshot, and the data is protected in the secure Datto Cloud.

File Sharing

In today’s business environment, sharing files among employees is table stakes. With Datto NAS, files are stored and available on the network in the protocol of choice, providing a single storage location accessible across operating systems. Need to collaborate on files together, then create a shared folder and work. Need to restrict users to read only, then set ACLs on those folders. Need Windows, Mac and Linux users working together, then enable those protocols. Backup files from workstations and build business processes
around Datto NAS.

Secure File Sync and Share

More than making files available in a drive on the local network, making the latest files available on any device, at any time makes business possible. This is why Datto NAS supports Datto Drive local. Based on the same technology behind Datto Drive, simply click a button to install Datto Drive on the device. Configure Datto Drive Local and access files from the office, mobile devices, desktop sync clients, and the web.

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The Cloud Protected Network Storage Platform
Hybrid Cloud

Protect any data stored on the local NAS with the secure Datto Cloud. Work from the local device and schedule regular snapshots for protecting data. Send those snapshots to join more than 250 PB of customer information already stored in the secure Datto Cloud. In case of disaster, mistake, or other forms of lost data, restore files and complete NAS images from the cloud.

One Integrated Product

As a fully protected storage device, Datto NAS includes the three major components: network addressable storage, local fault tolerance, and cloud backup storage and recovery. Datto NAS is a single, integrated platform providing all of these functions out of the box in a single, easy to use and centrally manage package. Simply configure the device and use it, and data will be protected.

New Hardware

Datto NAS ships with entirely new hardware. From standalone all flash devices to rack-mounted 4U chassis, simply plug in and start protecting files immediately.

NAS Guard

Not all network storage is protected by the cloud. This is why Datto NAS 3 can mount other network storage locations and automatically schedule and copy data from other devices to the Datto NAS. This will provide an efficient, replicable backup of a network share, performing local incrementals. Then, scheduled replication to the Datto Cloud provides backup job management and long term retention.

Infinite Cloud Retention

The most difficult challenge regarding cloud protection of data is selecting which data to protect. Datto NAS solves this problem by introducing an unlimited cloud storage plan. No more deciding what to protect and what not to protect, simply protect it all because when disaster strikes, you never know which files you will need.

Datto Drive local

Datto offers a feature rich enterprise file sync and share utility locally on the NAS. Users can access files using desktop or mobile clients and synchronize changes to keep files up to date, all while storing files in their local infrastructure rather than relying on a public cloud.

AD-Integrated User and Share Management

Create network drives in the control panel, add users, and then assign users to each share drive. Set permissions, public and private shares and manage admin access. Import users from Active Directory, and set group memberships, all from the configuration menus.

Cloud File Restore

No matter what, someone eventually makes a mistake and deletes something they need. With cloud based file restore, access files from NAS cloud snapshots and provide them to end users to rapidly recover from accidents, and get users
back to work.

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